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The Canadian Journal of Volunteer Resources Management (CJVRM) is a nonprofit publication highlighting the management of volunteer services in Canada. For more than 18 years, CJVRM has connected managers of volunteer resources throughout the country by providing a forum for sharing stories of successes and challenges in the field. We are managed by a team of volunteers, based in Ottawa, with Regional Representatives and contributors from coast to coast.
Our History:
In 1990, when a small group discussed starting a professional journal for managers of volunteer resources, they envisioned a tool that would unite the profession across the country and provide a forum for critical thinking by encouraging experienced and new practitioners to participate.
In the very first issue, Spring 1992, Debbie Comuzzi, president of the Ontario Association for Volunteer Administration, (now PAVR-O), wrote this about the Journal:
“As it grows and develops, the Journal will publish more and more articles that will get to the meat of an issue. My hope is that it will raise questions and challenge us to reflect about our jobs and the impact the profession can have on our communities….
The Journal should explore various aspects of the profession and look at issues and trends. Hopefully, readers will feel ownership for the Journal and will feel comfortable about contributing ideas or articles. You don’t have to be a writer. The editorial committee will work with you to make your work “sound right”.
CJVRM’s Editorial Team:
We are indebted to many volunteers who have contributed to the Editorial Team and built CJVRM since its initial founding. Members of the current team are listed below.

2010 Editorial Team: Ishneet Singh, Ruth Vant, Lesley Abraham, Chris Jarvis, Maria Redpath, Rachel Stoparczyk, Jennifer Campbell.
Lesley Abraham is the Global Education Coordinator at CHF. She has a certificate in the management of volunteer resources and a Master’s degree in international development, with a focus on volunteerism on the global stage.
Jennifer Campbell came to the Journal in the winter of 2007. Jennifer has a background in library science and is currently employed by the Ottawa school board. Her background and skill as an editor has been a tremendous asset to the Team.
Chris Jarvis joined the Journal’s Team in the fall of 1992. Having watched the Journal’s progression from the beginning, Chris brings the “historical” perspective to the group and continues to provide it with a sense of continuity.
Maria Redpath is the Volunteer Engagement Specialist at the Canadian Cancer Society Ottawa Unit and a board member with Ottawa Administrators of Volunteer Resources. Maria joined the editorial team in the summer of 2010.
Ishneet Singh holds a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management and is a strong supporter of raising the bar for HR management in nonprofit organizations. Ishneet joined the journal in the fall of 2009, with great enthusiasm.
Rachel Stoparczyk currently chairs the Editorial Team. She is the Coordinator of Volunteer Resources & Quality at the Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre and a board member with Ottawa Administrators of Volunteer Resources. Rachel joined the editorial team in 2005 while employed at Volunteer Ottawa.
Ruth Vant joined the editorial team in 2009, bringing with her over 27 years of experience in the voluntary community. She worked in various senior positions, both as a volunteer and as a staff member, and managed to put her editorial skills to work in almost all of them.
The Editorial Team’s responsibilities include:
Planning Journal content at least 3 months in advance for 3 issues per year
Marketing the publication to managers of volunteer resources in Canada.
Soliciting and selecting items for inclusion in the publication.
Managing the editorial processes, finances and administration of the Journal
If you live in the National Capital Region and are interested in volunteering with the Journal’s Editorial Team, please send us an email at contact@cjvrm.org. New members are always welcome!
Regional Representatives:
Our Regional Representatives are tasked with promoting the Journal within their communities and networks and with finding stories from the field to include in upcoming issues. Each of these energetic and committed managers of volunteer resources has encouraged their colleagues to contribute to CJVRM and have also written articles of their own.
Charlene Dishaw currently works at St. Paul’s Hospital in downtown Vancouver. Charlene completed the Certificate in Volunteer Management at Vancouver Community College in 1993 and is certified in Volunteer Administration by CCVA in the United States and is also certified through CAVR. She is a graduate of Simon Fraser University. She is one of the instructors of the Introduction to Volunteer Management Course held by Volunteer Richmond and she is Past President of the Administrators of Volunteer Resources of BC. When Charlene is not working, she plays fiddle with the Vancouver Fiddle Orchestra.
From a very young age, Faiza Kanji’s parents instilled in her and her brothers a strong sense of volunteerism. They, as immigrants to Canada over 35 years ago, made a successful transition into Canadian life with the help of many kind and generous volunteers. A volunteer herself from a very young age, Faiza has successfully managed volunteers at the Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC), Youth Employment Service (YES) the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF) and currently as Manager of Volunteer Services at Surrey Place Centre in Toronto. Faiza is also Program Chair of the Toronto Association for Volunteer Administrators (TAVA), member and volunteer of PAVR-O and a member of CAVR. Faiza believes strongly that a community with a sound sense of volunteerism and a committed volunteer base improves the overall quality of life and health of all its members.
Lisa Michetti. After graduating in 2008 from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Certificate in Globalization and Governance, Lisa began at Volunteer Alberta as Program Assistant. Her projects include managing their growing membership (which includes working with Alberta’s 27 Volunter Centres), implementing the Alberta Volunteer Managers Initiative and working on Intersections, a project designed to increase the cultural competency of rural nonprofit organizations. Lisa represented Alberta and Canada as a rhythmic gymnast for over twelve years and currently volunteers with Rhythmic Gymnastics Alberta as well as the Edmonton Humane Society.
Tammy Stadt, a Community Health Worker with the Barrie Community Health Centre has been working on engaging marginalized individuals into volunteering, advocating and decision making within her organization and community for over 12 years. Through her work, she has been advocating for the recognition of the importance of volunteerism in health care and the need for adequate resources. She is currently working on building on current volunteer surveys to measure the determinants of health outcomes for volunteers. Tammy received her CAVR certification this year and is a member of CAVR, PAVR-O and the Barrie Association of Volunteer Administrators, her local AVA.
We are very grateful to our Regional Representatives for enriching the Journal through their knowledge, experience and impressive professional and community networks. CJVRM is always striving to share stories and learning from managers of volunteer resources throughout Canada. If you are interested in helping us to connect with your region, please send an email to contact@cjvrm.org.