Types of Squirrel Traps

two squirrel eating

Trapping a squirrel is easy because no experience is required at all. However, one needs to use the best techniques to get rid of the squirrels before they do severe damages to property. The common way to trap squirrels is the use of trap cages. The squirrel traps are designed differently to serve different techniques for the trapping.

When you buy a squirrel trap, consider if you need the squirrels alive or killed. Choosing the best kind of squirrel trap such as the lethal squirrel traps is significant. If you want to eradicate the squirrels off your property successfully, you must understand the distinctions of the following types of traps.

Live Squirrel Trap


These types of traps are also known as the cage traps. They are the commonly used to trap squirrels at homes. The live traps differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the functionality and trapping technique is similar. The live traps work by placing baits in the cage to attract the squirrels, which are then locked by the small entry.

It is majorly used to trap squirrels on the ground. These types of trap are easy to use, but there are a couple of disadvantages. The squirrels can bite the wood or wire used to build the cage. Other rodents can also damage it before squirrels are trapped.

String Trap

The spring traps are also known as lethal squirrel trap. Just as the name suggests, this type of squirrel cage is used to trap and kill the squirrels that are trapped, unlike the live cage traps. The spring mechanism that is used in this trap squeezes the squirrels to death.

The advantage with this kind of trap is the difficulty to set it up. It is dangerous to the kids or anybody who try to touch it. You need to read the setup instructions correctly to set up the trap effectively.

One-Way Exclusion

one way exclusion trap

The one-way door has only one entrance that does not allow the trapped squirrel to get out. Bait is placed at one end of the trap to attract the squirrel into the cage. Once a squirrel gets in the cage, it is sure to be blocked from coming out. These types of trap are built as part of the building, but you have to be sure of the material to use from the construction. You need to use a material that the squirrels cannot chew and find their way out.

It is usually difficult to figure out that a particular type of trap is the best. The traps performance depends on the intensity of infestation, the place your home is located and the size of squirrels found in your region. You need to figure out the kind of squirrels that invade your property and choose an appropriate squirrel trap.

Additionally, it is important to choose a perfect trait that can attract the squirrels into your trap. Learn about the most effective types of baits and traps used for getting rid of squirrel off your property completely. You can also choose to get the squirrels alive if you have a project to do.…

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Worried about pest control? Here is how to find the right help


If there is something that could make you hate your home, pests are on that list. Bugs and the entire cadre of pests could cause you sleepless nights if you do not know how to deal with them.

However, you can put a stop to pests and once more be happy and comfortable every time you are at home. The solution lies in choosing the best pest control services. But how can you make that choice when there are so many options out there? Here is the help you need.

Company’s reputation

How do other customers view the pest control company? This is a question you must get an answer for before you make your final decision. A reputable company is always a favorable choice to make. It means people appreciate what it does. Do not go for less reputable companies; you may not get the best service for your pest problem.


Price comparison: who is fairer of them all?

How much you pay for the pest control services could be an indicator on who to hire. There are those who will give you low bids while others will charge high fees for their services. Remember that cheap does not always mean poor service and expensive is not a guarantee for quality services. Make sure whoever you settle for will give you value for your money.

Their staff; are they certified and licensed?

Pest control is not guesswork. It takes training and experience to always get it right. A good pest control service should have qualified and experienced staff. This way, they will have a unique solution to your problem. Once they are done, you will not be experiencing the same problem.

What are their safety standards?

Dealing with pests should not further endanger the safety of your home. A good service should ensure that the best and latest safety standards are used. This would give you the assurance that you will not be exposing your family to any hazards.

Do they offer continued support?

Some pests will not be gone in a day. It may take some time to bring everything under control. Your service provider should be able to commit support in the future. This is to ensure that there will be no future resurgent of the problem.

Assess the company’s website

hdhdhd4With every business going online, it is important you review their company website. On such website, you will get all the relevant information you need before you make the decision. You may even find customer reviews on this website to help you make the right pick. If what you get from the website does not seem like the professionals you seek, go to other websites until you find the perfect experts.

Nobody does it better than Natures own pest control. They understand how disgusting pests could be and how fast you want the problem resolved. With up-to-date pest control technology and experienced and trained experts, you should say goodbye to pests. Make your choice and let the pros take care of your problem once and for all.…

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