Submission Guidelines | Canadian Journal of Volunteer Resources Management

Canadian Journal of Volunteer Resources Management
Editorial Process and Guidelines for Authors
The Canadian Journal of Volunteer Resources Management is intended:
to serve as a credible source of information on the management of volunteers in Canada;
to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and to encourage networking among managers of volunteers;
to provide a professional development tool for managers of volunteers;
to recognize and encourage Canadian talent in the field of management of volunteers;
to include in each issue at least two articles that will consider different views on a specific and predetermined theme.
Target Audience
The Journal’s intended audience includes managers of volunteers, educators, media and funders of nonprofit organizations across the country.
All manuscripts will be accepted via e-mail in either Microsoft Word or Word Perfect.
Submissions should be written according to “Canadian Style – A Guide to Writing and Editing” -Secretary of State, Dundurn Press. External reviewers may be engaged to review content if deemed advisable by the committee. The revised draft is edited for clarity and consistency by the Editorial Team.
The edited version is returned to the author for acceptance along with an approval form for signature.
The signed form is to be returned to the Editorial Team within a week along with any suggestions for final revisions.
Format and Style
Authors are asked to respect the following word counts: Words/Pages
Lead Article 1000/5-6
The lead article will look at the topic in some depth and will normally require the author to conduct research into current trends and perspectives on the subject.
Secondary Article 700-800/2-3
The secondary article will adopt a more practical approach, including personal experiences and opinions.
Book or Resource Review 150/1
Limited advertising space will be allowed in the Journal, for materials of direct relevance to managers of volunteer service, and as long as it conforms to the guidelines set out by the Editorial Team.
Advertising Guidelines:
Only ¼ page and ½ page ads will be accepted.
Ad must be camera-ready.
A maximum of one page of ads will be permitted per issue.
Job ads are not recommended.
Cost is to be determined by the Editorial Team.