Improvements for your motorhome


A motorhome is a recreational vehicle that provides living accommodation. It is a vehicle and a house combined to make one self-propelled carrier. From the most luxurious to one that is coach built, there is a caravan for everyone. After purchasing the wheels that suit you, consider giving it an upgrade. If you can ameliorate it to make it closer to perfection, then why not? Here are a few ideas on what and how to improve your mobile home.

Outdoor area

asd40For those warm nights gazing among the stars while listening to the crackling of the wood fire or that bright sunny day having a sandwich on a picnic, constructing a retractable outdoor seating area will be a great idea. Carry some foldable chairs and tables for portability, and install an awning. These motorhome awnings can be built to shield you from rain or shine and keep you staying cool. You can also set up some light fixtures for illumination during the night.

Cup holders and shelves

Who doesn’t love a strategically placed cup holder? This handy placer keeps your hot or cold beverage from moving and spilling everywhere. If you fancy a cup of tea before sleep, consider installing one next to your bed. Another convenient upgrade is added shelving. Installing extra shelves gives you extra space. Make more room to stash your appliances and belongings. Even add more shoe storage if you’d like to keep your smelly shoes hidden and your fancy shoes safe.

Power of the sun

Consider setting up a solar panel for an additional source of power. Even though it might cost you in the beginning, it will be worth it in the long run since it will lessen your financial burden. Think of it as saving the Earth while you save money. You can also choose to install your own setup to spare your dollars. If you prefer to take your mobile home off the grid or set it up in a place with no hookups, solar panels are a great investment.

Extra lighting

rv1490Let there be light. And lots of it. Installing more light fixtures in your recreational vehicle will help you see better. Without light, there is no color. Make your vehicle colorful and vibrant by placing lights in strategic areas. You can install dimmable lights in the dining area for a romantic dinner, extra lights in the shelves to see what food you have left, or LED lights outdoors for illumination during the night. The options are endless.



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