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Canadian Journal of Volunteer Resources Management
Volunteering with the Canadian Journal of Volunteer Resources Management is an excellent professional development opportunity for anyone working (paid or unpaid) in the voluntary sector. This is your chance to keep up with recent trends, network with colleagues across the country and shape discussions in the field.
If you live in the National Capital Region, you might consider joining our Editorial Team. We meet once monthly in Ottawa to select upcoming themes, brainstorm potential articles, edit all submissions and manage the administration of the Journal.
If you live any where else in Canada and are connected to the voluntary sector in your community, you might consider becoming a Regional Representative. This team helps the Journal maintain its national focus by shining the light on local initiatives and people in the volunteer resource management field. Regional Representatives communicate by email with the Editorial Team to suggest themes, articles and find authors interested in contributing their stories.
For more information about volunteer opportunities, read about our current team members on the About Us page or send an email to contact@cjvrm.org.